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Got a broken or cracked screen?

Most repairs While U wait!

I’ll fix it for you!

An iPhone repair – BEFORE & AFTER

I repair and service Apple iPads too!

 The iPhone & iPad Repair Shop

When I started The Apple Cart Repair Shop I just didn’t realise how busy I’d be! Folk from all over Shetland constantly come to me with broken screens, damaged cases or iPhones that had literally died.

I even get iPhones that seem so damaged you’d never believe they could be made to look new again – but they do!

The picture below is a typical badly damaged iPhone – BEFORE and AFTER!

The iPhone above was a bad shape. Severely damaged including a broken case and screen. I successfully repaired the customer’s phone while they waited enjoying one of complimentary cups of coffee!

I carry a full range of spares for most models and can repair most Apple products. So, please contact me to discuss the damage or fault and I’ll be please to provide a quotation. All repairs carry a one month warranty.